Coaches Division

The MYHEC board has decided to continue the coaches division to creat enthusiasm and develop team spirit. First and fore most, keep in mind the purpose of the MYHEC event. MYHEC is a NRA youth shooting sports program. The coaches division is not to take away from this emphasis.  The board wants to ensure that all youth participants are able to fulfill their eight events without delay. Thus, we have created the following guidelines to help facilate the flow of the event.

  • ONLY coaches with five (5) registered team members will be eligible to participant in the  coaches division. Only one coach per team will be allowed to register.
  • Coaches must pre-register no later than August 19th. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Coach Division Registration form available below.
  • Participants must have a copy of a hunter safety card/certificate or hunting license on file on day of event. NO refunds if card/license is forgotten.
  • Paid coach participants will receive an event pin, NRA t-shirt (if size available), NRA Hunters Guide and lunch for both days of the event.
  • Certificates will be presented as awards for coaches division.
  • Coach participant names will not be put in door prize drawing.
  • Additional rules and guidelines may be added as necessary to ensure the continual flow of the event for youth participants.
  • Coaches will participant in Wildlife Identification on Saturday after all participants have finished the event.
  • Coaches will participant in Orienteering on Sunday morning after all participants have finished the event.
  • Coaches will NOT participant Safety Trail event.
  • Coaches will sit separate from their team during the Responsibility Exam
  • In the case a coach may wish to use MYHEC equipment at shooting events, they are to wait or return to the event if there are youth participants desiring to use the equipment at the same time.
  • Youth participatns will ALWAYS take priority over coach participants in the case of using MYHEC equipment, weather or time constraints.
  • Registration fee is $75.00 per entry.
  • Refunds will be given ONLY if it is essential to cancel the coaches division due to time/weather restraints.


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